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The ideology that creativity is meant for certain kinds of people, is a myth. There are misconceptions about creativity that limits us not only as individuals but as a community. The truth is creativity is embedded in everyone and when exposed to the right conditions, brings ideas to reality. When looking into the subject of creativity, we are simply turning ideas and inspiration into expression.

We go through several thoughts of doubt: “how can I become creative?” “Am I creative?” “Do I have what it takes to create something new or unique?”

Now, lets talk about it!

Creativity evolves over time before it is fully formed. It will require discipline and time to build.

1.  Shut the door against fear: Fear is a major enemy of creativity, particularly the fear of the unknown. Several people are afraid of what others will say about their work. It is important to receive their suggestions but do not forget to look at what you want to achieve. The overall purpose for engaging in that activity should drive you. Be confident in yourself and your work. When you hear people say, ‘No one will love my work’, How am I sure I’m not just wasting my time doing this? This could be a result of low self-esteem.  Just focus on what makes your work unique.

3.  Learn new things all the time so it can build your creativity. Many of us love to engage in the same routine, which can limit the potential of becoming creative. 

At Dzine consulting, we are highly interested in providing the platform to help you convert your ideas/visions into reality, so you will not just be imaginative but also creative.

Short fact sheet

  • Do you know that sleep can induce your creativity? According to research, adequate sleep can induce creativity in an individual. Therefore, get some sleep today. 
  • Do you know that daydreaming sparks up creativity? Probably we should daydream more .

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